Essays, written assignments, business and professional documents are only are few of the different types of documents we edit.

Did you know that typographical and grammatical errors are the single biggest complaint by secondary and college instructors when they are grading their students' papers?

Did you know that those same instructors state that typographical and grammatical errors will bring an A paper down to a C?

By having Edited Write (staffed by secondary and collegiate instructors) edit and proofread your paper, you can bring your paper grade back up to an A. Edited Write will carefully inspect your paper and edit for wordiness, repetition, clarity, grammar, usage, punctuation, and more. It's like having your teacher give you feedback before it affects your grade.

Whether it is a one-page essay or a seventy-page thesis, give yourself the serenity of having a professional editor look it over for you before you turn it in for that grade. Your teachers will be impressed. Your work deserves to be presented in the best light possible. Whether for high school, or for online colleges and universities, Edited Write can give your work the boost it needs. Try us today!

Can you think of anything worse that having a potential client point out an error on one of your business documents? Will that potential client fully trust your company to handle their legal issues or manage their finances or market their products? Would you?

The business world is a competitive one, and projecting a professional image is often just as important as the service, itself. Regardless of its size, any document with your company's name or logo on it is a representative of you and the way you do business. Make sure it's the best image you can present.

Have the professional and experienced staff at Edited Write evaluate your written documents before they go out as a representative of your company.

Edited Write will meticulously examine, edit, and proofread your documents for you so that you can focus on the needs and services of your company.